A contactee sent me the following message that I have permission to post for readers who listen to Paul Hellyer’s interview.

Former Canada Defense Minister : ‘Aliens could share more tech with us, if we warmonger less’

I hope you will give this message your careful consideration.

Extraterrestrials and Interdimensionals have been part of our reality for thousands of years, yet it would seem that they know so little about us, our governments, our politics and our cultures.

If they object to warmongering why are they meeting secretly with the cabal and the most warring governments on the planet, providing them with destructive technologies, participating in a multitude of black projects?

These governments do not represent us and if you ask the people of these nations how they feel about war, they will tell you they are against it.  

Our antiwar, human rights and environmental movements are being systematically destroyed by the cabal and our most wise and peaceful leaders are being assassinated!

These beings are ignoring humanity. They have not asked for our permission to work here. They do not respect our sovereignty. They have not been transparent or truthful regarding their agenda on this planet. They have lied about the fact they are at war with other alien groups stationed here.

They are in fact from imperialist and militaristic cultures themselves, advanced technologically, but not ethically.

If they are ever going to work with humanity they must approach us as equals, respecting the will of the majority of people, not the desires of the ruling elite and their military industrial complex.

If they are serious about stopping the elite’s war on humanity, they must make amends for the evil they have done and for their contributions to our suffering and enslavement:

1- Take down the cabal’s pillars of support: the global military

2- Dismantle HAARP

3- Dismantle ECHELON

4-  Defend individuals and nations targeted by the cabal and end our genocide

5- Stop the ecocide. This is a task that would involve dismantling the entire military and corporate complex that are destroying the planet.

6- Meet with activists, Indigenous Leaders, Wisdom Keepers,  who are working for peace and the protection of our people and our environment.

7-  Support the global revolutionary movements currently fighting the cabal!

Until they show a shift in their approaches and priorities, nothing positive can come from our interaction with them.

Do not be deceived by their appearance or their words.

Judge them by their actions.

They have nothing of value to teach us.

They are not our allies.

They are the enemy.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

Earth Warrior Rising