Bradley York Bartholomew

The tao of crop circles is about the ‘way’ crop circles are created. In order to understand the tao we must appreciate that frequencies are at the basis of all life and that the ancient book of Chinese wisdom the I Ching really sets the pattern for living beings in the harmonious interplay of the yin and the yang. The I Ching is supposed to be an explanation for all things, and so contained within its doctrines there must be an explanation for crop circles. Within the context of frequencies, the harmonics of the yin and the yang and the mystical and mysterious properties of light, are to be found the earliest formulation of a binary code in the I Ching. The modern age of computer technology also has as its sole foundation this very same binary code. Should it also be established that a binary code is likewise at the basis of genetics and molecular biology then you really are looking at the explanation for all things in the yin and the yang. In this article we shall examine the relevance of the I Ching to crop circles. We shall learn precisely how the yin and yang is delivered to change the metabolism of the crop and to create the patterns and designs.

There is considerable evidence that a characteristic trilling sound is heard when crop circles are being created. This trilling sound is also said to be related to a tube of light. It is generally accepted that the information being conveyed in these resonating cylinders of light is responsible for the creation of crop circles. Freddy Silva in Secrets in the Fields presents a theoretical diagram representing the tube of light that creates crop circles. The wall of the tube is created by a transverse electromagnetic wave and within the tube flows a longitudinal wave of sound. See Figure 1. This diagram is a composite of several crop formations. The electromagnetic wave shown is suggested by the ‘DNA’ crop glyph. The magnetic shielding is shown by the ‘Beltane Wheel’ crop glyph and the ‘ring torus’ crop glyph depicts the 4˚ shift in the magnetic field. Silva says: “The sound wave appears to travel within a spiraling tube. Essentially, the ‘DNA’ crop glyph describes much of its own formative processes, and perhaps that of the phenomenon of crop circles itself”. (1)

Figure 1.

In recent years the design of crop circles has become much more elaborate, and it also has been observed that the frequencies in background resonance in and around a newly created crop circle has increased dramatically. It has been postulated that the frequency of the background resonance bears a direct relationship with the sophistication of the design – that is to say, the more sophisticated the design, the more information has to be conveyed in these resonating tubes of light. Readings in background frequency abruptly changes on crossing the perimeter of a crop formation. For example, the readings outside the Silbury ‘Koch fractal’ were around the mid-hundred MHz range and inside the formation the readings shot up from 260 MHz to 320 MHz from the perimeter to the centre. Those readings were taken by Paul Vigay in 1997. “When crop circles made a quantum leap in design complexity two years later, readings jumped to 540 MHz (compared to a general background range of around 150 MHz); in the ‘Nine Crescents’ at Hakpen, Vigay detected a whopping 650 MHz. (1)

An article in Swirled News describes an attempt to communicate with The Circlemaker in binary code. (2) This attempt was made in Wiltshire on August 5, 2004, and it is claimed that the crop circle that went down that same night at Lewisham Castle, Aldbourne, Wiltshire, contained a response to the coded message that was sent. The question that was sent in binary code was – Do you know of the Circle of Nine Points? The formation that appeared in response was a 9×9 grid.

The Circle of Nine Points is derived from the Hindu Vedas, and represents the Universe in its gross and subtle forms. The device used to transmit the binary code question into the heavens flashed a white and an orange light. The attempt at communication in binary code was inspired by the ‘Alien & Disc’ formation that appeared at Crabwood Farm, Hampshire in August, 2002. That formation contained a message in 8-bit binary code, which read: “Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING. Acknowledge.” This coded message in the ‘Alien & Disc’ formation opens up the possibility of communicating with The Circlemaker in binary code, and there have been several attempts since to do this, including the one described above on the night of August 5, 2004 at Adams Grave, Wiltshire. The essential thing to note for our purposes is the possibility of communicating with The Circlemaker in binary code, for it will be argued here that the actual code used by The Circlemaker to create crop circles is likewise binary in nature.

In order to appreciate the significance of the binary code, we shall now have to acquaint ourselves with the experimental findings of a group of Russian molecular biologists concerning the DNA, and we shall then have to look at a book entitled DNA and the I Ching: The Tao of Life by Johnson F. Yan. (3) We will find that the DNA itself contains binary coded information, and that it is possible to access and alter this information using speech modulated laser light. In other words we shall find out how the trilling sound conveyed in a tube of light that creates crop circles is transmitting binary coded information.

Early in the 1990s Drs Pjotr P. Garajev and Vladimir Poponin of the Russian Academy of Science started experimenting with DNA using laser light. (4) Their findings led to the discovery of the Phantom-DNA Effect, and in addition they discovered that DNA substance in vivo (i.e. living tissue, not in vitro) reacts to speech modulated laser light, as well as radio waves, provided the correct frequency is found. By applying a linguistic approach to the examination of the DNA they were able to establish that the DNA follows similar grammatical rules to human speech. Albeit not the rules of a particular language (in this case for example the Russian language), but at a more fundamental level the DNA does follow the rules that contain the common features for all languages. In other words it is actually possible to communicate with the DNA and change the DNA using speech modulated laser light. All that is necessary is to understand the precise vocabulary and storage patterns of the DNA coding system and we can have direct access to the information at the foundation of all life.

Also by using laser light they were able to project the information patterns from the DNA of one species onto the DNA of another species, and in this way they managed to convert frog embryos into salamander embryos. In other words it is actually possible to transmit the precise information encoded in the DNA using speech modulated laser light. It is not necessary to transplant and splice actual genes in order to change the information in other genomes. The laser light can actually convey the precise information to encode a certain species, whether it be animal or vegetable. Here again it is simply a matter of finding out how the information in the DNA is actually encoded and it will then be possible to change that coding by conveying the necessary instructions to modify in speech modulated laser light.

The Russian molecular biologists in their ground-breaking experiments actually made the observation that the genetic code is much more than a code for protein synthesis. Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation. The wave attributes in the DNA-chromosomal continuum in living systems are in the nature of a computer program for living organisms. It therefore seems logical to assume that the precise language for storing the information in the DNA is in the nature of a computer code, and a binary code is the obvious candidate.

Crops in which a circle has appeared have been subjected to laboratory analysis by Dr Levengood which reveals that the crystalline structure of the flattened plants has actually been changed by some force. (1) Even more significant is the fact that the DNA is considerably different from the plants that have not been flattened. In other words this force that has flattened the crop had the exact vibrational frequency necessary to modify the information patterns in the DNA. The laboratory analysis also found that the seeds and the germinating process of the affected plants had been changed. Although the plant itself was unharmed, this force had made substantial changes to the plants natural regenerative processes. It is suggested that this kind of change can only be brought about by tampering with the information patterns in the DNA of the plant. The instructions delivered in the cylinder of light are written in the precise computer language of the DNA. The trilling sound in the light must be transmitting binary coded information. We are all of us familiar with the concept of digital image files generated by computers and so the proposition that a binary code can contain the instructions for the design of a crop circle is almost a commonplace.

For the origins of the binary code we must now step back in time about 5000 years to ancient China. Parallels between the I Ching and western science should be, by now, familiar to cereologists. There is the celebrated book The Tao of Physics written by Fritjof Capra that points out the similarities between quantum mechanics and the principles of the I Ching. There are other books in a similar vein, for example The Tao of Medicine by Stephen Fulder. The title of the book by Johnson F. Yan, DNA and the I Ching: The Tao of Life could just as appropriately have been The Tao of the Genetic Code. Johnson tells us that the original observation that the mathematical structure of the DNA molecule is strictly analogous to the teachings of Chinese wisdom in the I Ching was made in 1974 by a certain Dr. Harvey Bialy. Since then other books have been written on the subject, namely The Coming of the Golden Age by Gunther Stent and The I Ching and the Genetic Code by Martin Schonberger. If The Circlemaker is in our own DNA, then it would seem to follow that it is possible to establish a two-way communication between The Circlemaker and ourselves, via the I Ching. We are dealing here not simply with the tao of the genetic code but also with the tao of crop circles.

The Chinese word ‘tao’ should really be translated by the English word ‘attitude’, for we are dealing here with both a subjective and an objective concept. Tao is subjective in the sense that it describes one’s personal beliefs about the origin and nature of things, and by the same token it is objective in the sense that it attempts to present a rational or scientific explanation for physical phenomena. So when we are talking about the tao of crop circles we are really stating a belief that The Circlemaker is the Inner Self located in the DNA, and, at the same time we are stating that the precise ‘way’ in which crop circles are made is a binary code delivered in laser light comprising the human speech sounds yin and yang. The tao is both the ‘belief’ and the ‘way’.

An essential element of the tao is the concept of change. The tao recognizes that the human condition is in a state of flux, and the traditional Chinese practices of the I Ching have for thousands of years been used as a means of divining the future. This is where the interpretation of ‘tao’ as ‘attitude’ is most significant. The tao of crop circles will only appeal to those who can cope with the possibility of change. There is no problem here, I think, for cerelogists, for we are by definition, and without exception, following the crop circle phenomenon in the expectation that something new, and even profound, is going to be revealed to us. A lot of us, it is true, are expecting the revelation to come from alien beings, but there is at least an equal number of us who are expecting the revelation to come from within ourselves. From the point of view of the tao of crop circles it is not important whether the revelation is external or internal to us, the essential thing on which all cereologists will agree, is that the revelation will involve change. That is to say, a fundamental change of attitude. The tao is to be revealed to cereologists precisely because the tao is The Circlemaker, and it is only cereologists who will be receptive to this message. Those among us who will persist in believing that The Circlemaker is an alien being can continue to do so, and still accept that the way The Circlemaker creates a crop formation is with a binary yin and yang code delivered in laser light. As we have seen from the experiments of the Russian molecular biologists, such a ‘way’ is how The Circlemaker modifies the DNA of plants when a crop formation is laid down.

Taoists and Confucianists traditionally use the I Ching as a means of divining the future, and its predictive powers can be applied to such diverse disciplines as medicine, economics and politics. The I Tao principles can be applied to determine what ails a nation/state or even the whole world. In general terms the yin-yang balance is the key to all living organisms and systems, where the yin is the feminine principle and the receiver of energy, and the yang is the masculine principle and the donor of energy. When the yin and the yang are in balance there is healthy peaceful harmony, and an unbalance results in disease, friction and conflict. It is not the purpose of this article to go into the predictive or medicinal applications of the I Ching, or to advance any opinion whether the traditional uses can be justified scientifically or philosophically.

The fact is that the yin and yang of the I Ching presents a binary code that is synonymous with the genetic code, and it therefore follows that it may be possible to modify the DNA using the binary code of the I Ching. We have seen that the Russian molecular biologists have already succeeded in manipulating the DNA using speech modulated laser light. In the experiments they simply spoke to the DNA in the Russian language, and the DNA responded. Presumably it would require a specific code that the DNA recognizes to make precise changes to the plants metabolic structure necessary to create a crop circle, and it is suggested that the yin-yang binary code of the I Ching would be suitable for this purpose as it would allow for the transmission of the instructions in sound waves based on human speech patterns.

In the I Ching the yin (feminine principle) is represented by a broken line, and the yang (masculine principle) is represented by an unbroken line. As a binary code these equate to 0 (zero) for yin and 1 (one) for yang. In the I Ching the basic digrams are set out in Figure 2, and in binary code they represent 00, 10, 01, 11. In total there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching made up of all the possible combinations of any three of these digrams.

Figure 2.

In the DNA there are four bases: adenine (A), cytosine (C), thymine (T), guanine (G). A combination of three of these bases is known as a ‘codon’ that codes for a particular amino acid. In the DNA molecule there are 64 codons, the same as the number of I Ching hexagrams. The proteins that are the building blocks of life are coded for by a combination of codons in the DNA. For instance see Figure 3 that shows a DNA sequence encoding a protein known as ‘co-enzyme 1’ as well as the corresponding amino acids. This example is taken from human mitochrondria, but the same principle applies to the DNA of plants and crops that are of particular interest to cereologists.

Met Phe Ala Asp Arg Trp …
Figure 3.

If we were to put together that particular sequence of DNA shown in Figure 3 into I Ching hexagrams it would look like Figure 4 while in computer binary code it would read as follows: 001011 101001 111101 110001 011110 101100 and would sound like: yinyinyangyinyangyang yangyinyangyinyinyang yangyangyangyangyinyang yangyangyinyinyinyang yinyangyangyangyangyin yangyinyangyangyinyin.

Figure 4.

Johnson tells us that Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz, who invented the computer binary code, had read works of missionaries to China, and was therefore aware of the I Ching. Leibniz had grasped the significance of yin as 0 (zero) and yang as 1 (one), and had therefore interpreted the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching as 64 six-digit binary numbers. Johnson also quotes from an article by Martin Gardner in Scientific American, January 1974, on the mathematics of the I Ching where Gardner attributes “the ability of the I Ching to explain almost everything” to its binary basis. In other words it would be reasonable to assume that the DNA molecule likewise works on the basis of a binary code transmitting biomolecular information. Consequently the information that is delivered in a tube of light to create a crop circle must be delivered in a binary code to change the DNA of the plants.

Johnson also refers to the work of the California scientist Susumu Ohno, who wrote an article entitled Of words, Genes and Music. By assigning simple musical notes to the DNA bases (for example ‘do’ for base C, ‘re’ and ‘mi’ for base A, ‘fa’ and ‘sol’ for base G and ‘la’ and ‘ti’ for base T), it is possible to generate Bach-like music from primitive genes, and Chopin-like music from recently evolved genes. By the same token it is clear that information delivered in binary coded human speech patterns of yin and yang certainly produce a harmonious type of sound, albeit rather monotonous in terms of melody.

There have been a number of experiments that demonstrate that plants can react physically to music. For instance it is known that plants will turn towards classical music and religious chants, and they can actually lean away from loud rock music. (5) Clearly there is some sort of resonance principle at work at the genetic or molecular level that is consistent with the I Ching principle of a binary code delivery of the human speech sounds of yin and yang. This has to be the explanation for the trilling sound that is heard when crop circles are being formed.

Freddy Silva refers to the pioneering work of Dr Chiang Kanzhen relating to bioenergetic communication. This work also involves the ability of photons (light quanta) to transmit genetic information from one organism to another. Dr Kanzhen found that photons operate at the extreme ends of the electromagnetic spectrum. Very low frequencies excite the photons and very high frequencies create a bandwidth capable of transmitting large amounts of data. It is known also from the experiments of Popp (6) that the DNA is emitting light photons, and it has been convincingly demonstrated that the DNA is capable of two-way communication; it can act as an antennae and receive information transmitted in light quanta and it can conversely itself act as a transmitter and send information.

As far back as 1958, experiments by T.C. Singh of the Indian Department of Agriculture demonstrated how bursts of harmonious music delivered for brief periods through loudspeakers can cause metabolic changes to plants and crops. (1) It is possible to cause seeds to sprout in one-third of the normal time, as well as boosting the crop yield generally. Of real significance however is the fact that the number of chromosomes in the genome of the plant is increased. Here is proof positive that the DNA not only responds to sound frequencies, but also it is actually changed and enhanced by this process. Silva says: “When Singh exposed his plants to Indian devotional songs, the number of stomata (surface pores) in the experimental plants was 66 percent higher, the epidermal walls were thicker, and the palisade cells were longer and broader than in control plants, sometimes by as much as 50 percent.” There is additional research data from other sources that increased growth in plants can be stimulated by exposing seeds to ten minutes of ultrasound during germination, as well as by short bursts of light. (1)

The crop circle ‘hum’ has also been equated to the sound made by the bora used by the Australian Aborigines to contact their ‘sky spirits’. (1) The bora is a specially shaped piece of wood that is whirled around attached to a long string during a dance taking place in a bora ring. These bora rings are of particular religious significance to the Aborigines. The noise that the bora makes is said to be ‘practically identical’ to the trilling hum responsible for crop circles. The association of the ‘sky spirits’ of Australian aborigines as being one and the same deity as The Circlemaker is an obvious conclusion to be drawn.

Freddy Silva quotes excerpts from the channelings of the Universal consciousness known as the Watchers that came via Isabelle Kingston during meditation in 1982. The Watchers revealed: “We give signals to the corn and we give sound in the ear… Sounds in the ears, like Morse code. Information being programmed in for a later date…” Furthermore the Watchers referred to the crop circle trilling noise as “sound waves transmitted at high frequency. Change the tempo of the sounds and in this will emerge the code”. Short of actually specifying that the sound of crop circles delivers a coded message made up of the human speech sounds of yin and yang, it is difficult to see how these channelings by Isabelle Kingston could be more explicit. A code written in yin and yang would be virtually synonymous with Morse code.

A Cambridgeshire musician, David Hindley, has also demonstrated the process of slowing down a highly compressed sequence of notes. For instance, forty-eight seconds of the song from the skylark can be expanded into 13 minutes of sheet music. The concept of compressed data will be familiar to anyone with even a passing acquaintance with information technology, and as Silva observes: “So, the possibility of a recognizable code transmitted at high frequency is perfectly feasible, and if true, it is a code that interacts with grain and humans.”

To demonstrate the tao of crop circles is to present a feasible theory as to how crop circles are made and who or what is making them. The tao is the ‘way’ and the ‘belief’. By demonstrating that the yin and yang of the I Ching is capable of being presented in binary code similar to the image files of the modern personal computer quite clearly is a reasonable theory as to the ‘how’. By going further and showing that this same yin-yang binary code is the likely candidate for the storage of the genetic information in our DNA more or less completes the circle of enquiry by demonstrating that the The Circlemaker resides within ourselves, in the nucleus of the living cell. The tao of crop circles is the DNA.

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