This video includes: the Mayan calendar and its astronomical and prophetic accuracy to the day; the Mayan Hunab Ku and Mayan End Times prophecy; coming alignment between Sun and black hole at center of Milky Way; magnetic currents and pole shift; increase in earthquakes, tsunamis, and planetary catastrophe; Mayan cosmology; 13 Baktun occurs on Dec 21, 2012, December solstice and Earth completes its processional wobble; prophecy describes destruction by flood; Hopi, Nostradamus, and other prophecy.

Pole Shift Threatens To Cause Weather Chaos

Will paying billions of dollars in carbon taxes to Al Gore and his cronies solve  the problem?

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Paul Joseph Watson

According to some experts, the world’s weather is  about to get even more chaotic as a result of natural climate change that we can  do absolutely nothing to prevent – and even though global warming alarmists may  exploit the consequences to advance their own political agenda, paying a carbon  tax to Al Gore will not lessen the impact of a potentially catastrophic magnetic  polar shift.

In layman’s terms, the most apocalyptic outcome of  a polar shift would come as a result of the the poles flipping, with the south  pole becoming the north pole and vice versa. The good news is that on average  this only happens every half a million years, but the bad news is that it hasn’t  happened in roughly 780,000 years, with some experts  warning that the planet is overdue. Pole flips have been known to happen  only 50,000 years apart.

If it happened, a complete pole shift would cause  “superstorms in the future with winds as high as 300 to 400mph…which “would totally destroy anything they came into  contact with on land,” writes  Terrence Aym for

“In between these flips, the magnetic field can  become quite weak and chaotic, causing “turbulence” in the field, which can  effectively cause weaker gaps in the magnetosphere,” writes Mike  Adams.

“These magnetic gaps or weaknesses can allow outside  influences that normally would not penetrate the magnetosphere to reach deep  into that magnetosphere, theoretically all the way down to where birds fly at  very low altitude,” adds Adams, making a case that pole shifts are to blame for  recent mass bird die-offs.

However, it’s important to note that the process of reversal  in the earth’s magnetic field can  take around 5,000 years to be completed. This isn’t going to happen  overnight, which is why frenetic claims that it is part of some pre-ordained 2012 Mayan  apocalypse are in the same league as hysteria about Planet X.

The more likely scenario is that the ever-changing  tug of war between the sun and the earth’s electromagnetic fields will continue  to cause significant, but not apocalyptic storms like those recently witnessed  in Australia and the United States, and that alarmists will continue to exploit  such events to push their completely discredited global warming dogma.

The fact that the planet’s northern magnetic pole  is drifting slowly but steadily towards Russia is causing  airports to adjust the coordinates of their runways so they match up with  sensitive airplane instruments.

The consequences of geomagnetic movement in the  poles is undoubtedly an important issue and will have a direct impact on our  lives. However, given the level of coverage, and in some quarters outright  hysteria, being afforded to a complete pole reversal event that is less probable  than a cataclysmic asteroid strike, we’re more worried about the threats to the  environment that are already unfolding on the planet, and not by some unknown  outside threat that we cannot even do anything to prevent anyway.

The impact of chemtrails, the poisoning of our  water supply with sodium fluoride, heavy metals, drugs and other harmful  chemicals, along with the threat posed by the industrial rollout of genetically  modified crops should be of far greater and more immediate concern.

However, since the planet is so sensitive to the  behavior of the sun and how it affects the poles, don’t be surprised when global  warming alarmists hastily exploit extreme weather events that are attributable  to natural causes and blame them on human CO2 emissions while assuring that the  only solution is to pay Al Gore and his globalist cronies billions of dollars in  carbon taxes.