The following documents and links will assist anyone who would like to know the truth about the WingMakers.

*MUST READ* – The Incunabula Documents

“The world body politic is not divided into republicans and democrats or liberal and conservative parties. They are divided into a stratification of knowledge and vital intelligence. The financial oligarchy of the secret network I mentioned last week possesses superior knowledge, some of which it shares with the military force and some of which it shares with the Isolationist forces.

These three forces are the principal way the world is organizing itself, and the presumed alpha organization is the Incunabula because they control a dominant share of the world’s money supply and hard assets.

The Illuminati is part of the secret network, but it’s not the alpha organization. The Illuminati is affiliated with other blueblood organizations, mostly originating from European roots, but its goals and objectives are not aligned to the Incunabula.”

“The Incunabula planners have the safety of permanence and place their whole focus on the long-term objectives of humanity. This is the nature of the Incunabula. They bring continuity to the major issues of our time and the times to come for the next three generations. They operate in this realm to ensure they are not influenced by the short-term goals of special interest.

“As to your question about who ‘allows’ them to perform this function, I’d have to say that no one does. No one has control or authority over the planners, no more than anyone has control or authority over Fifteen or the Labyrinth Group.”

“I understand your concern about the validity of this. If I could give you names to check out, or some other form of proof, I would. These organizations exist right up to the Incunabula, and they can be traced and researched. Certainly many journalists and researchers have done so regarding Freemasonry or Skull and Bones, and some with good success. But they never look at the broader order and what organization manages these larger, more abstract forces that make up the Triad of Power.”

– James Neruda