Solar and Lunar Eclipses of 2011
Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Jan 04 Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Jun 01 Total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 Jun 15 Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Jul 01 Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 Nov 25 Total Lunar Eclipse of 2011 Dec 10

Besselian Elements – Partial Solar Eclipse of 2011 January 04

   Instant of          08:51:42 TDT     JD = 2455565.86900 
Greatest Eclipse:    (=08:50:35 UT)

Gamma = 1.0627             Ephemerides  = VSOP87/ELP2000-82 
Eclipse Magnitude = 0.8576             Lunation No. = 136 
     Eclipse Type = P                  Saros Series = 151 
                                                 ΔT = 67.1 s

Lunar Radius   k1 = 0.272488 (Penumbra)        Shift in      Δb =  0.00"
 Constants:    k2 = 0.272281 (Umbra)       Lunar Position:   Δl =  0.00"

Polynomial Besselian Elements for:   2011 Jan 04    9.000 TDT  (=t0)

  n        x          y         d          l1         l2          μ

  0  -0.1406310  1.0558220 -22.7412205  0.5635920  0.0173670 313.811188 
  1   0.5162760  0.1051387  0.0040620  0.0001098  0.0001092  14.996630 
  2  -0.0000418  0.0001064  0.0000060 -0.0000108 -0.0000107   0.000000 
  3  -0.0000065 -0.0000015  0.0000000  0.0000000  0.0000000   0.000000

                tan f1 = 0.0047557        tan f2 = 0.0047320 

At time t1 (decimal hours), each Besselian element is evaluated by:

a = a0 + a1*t + a2*t2 + a3*t3  

where: a = x, y, d, l1, l2, or μ; t = t1 - t0 (decimal hours), and t0 =   9.000 TDT.

Circumstances at Greatest Eclipse:  08:50:35 UT

Latitude:   64.7° N      Sun’s Altitude:     0.0°          Path Width = 0.0 km
Longitude:  20.8° E      Sun’s Azimuth:    154.5°    Central Duration = 00m00s 

Eclipse Links

Tammy Plotner
Universe Today

This year we’re in for a real treat! The citizens of planet Earth will be treated to not one – but four – partial solar eclipses and the first will begin on January 4. Ready to find out where and when? Then step inside….
The first partial solar eclipse 2011 is scheduled for January 4th, 2011, and will be seen in Europe, Africa and Central Asia. This eclipse will begin at 06:40:11 UT (Universal Time)) and culminates at 11:00:54 UT. The greatest eclipse – the point of time when the distance between the Moon’s shadow axis and Earth’s center is the minimum – will happen at 08:50:35 UT over northern Sweden. If you live in northern Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia, you will be able to witness this eclipse.

If you’re planning on watching, remember eye safety and use a proper solar filter for telescopes and binoculars. If it’s too late to get a filter or your budget won’t allow, why not try building your own pinhole projector? Get two pieces of cardboard – one will need to be white or have white paper attached to it for the screen. Cut a small square in the other piece of cardboard, and tape aluminum foil over the square. Now make a pinhole in the middle of the foil. This is your “projector”. With the Sun behind you, hold the pinhole projector as far away from the screen as you can. The farther away you are from the screen, the bigger your image will be. You won’t be able to see fine details like sunspots, but you’ll easily see the changes as the Moon passes over the face of the Sun!

Don’t be upset if you don’t catch this eclipse. The next will happen on June 1, 2011 and be for the eastern region of Asia, northern region of North America and some islands of the North Atlantic. Again? How about July 1, 2011 and this time be over the Indian Ocean and the small islands in this ocean. Still not found you? Then how about November 25, 2011 and southern regions of Africa and Australia and whole of Antarctica!

Symbolic Meaning of The Solar Eclipse
by Jade Wah’oo Gregori

While Solar Eclipses are not a rare phenomenon, the timing of this January 4th’s Solar Eclipse is very significant. To understand the import of this eclipse requires a brief review of the just-past Lunar Eclipse of December 20-21. At the time of the Lunar Eclipse the features of our sky that were aligned were:

  1. Center of our Galaxy
  2. Winter Solstice, the place where our Solar System’s ecliptic crosses the Galactic plane
  3. Sun-Earth-Moon
  4. Summer Solstice, the point of intersection of our Solar System’s ecliptic with the Galactic plane. (NOTE: Winter/Summer Solstice points are relative to the Northern Hemisphere. The designation of these Solstices are reversed for the Southern Hemisphere)

This alignment was powerful and unique as the eclipse happened precisely upon the Winter Solstice crossing point, and that Solstice is aligned witih the Center of our Galaxy. The statistical chance of this precise alignment ever occurring were, shall I say, astronomical!

During the alignment of the Lunar Eclipse (with the Moon being outward from the Sun/Solstice/Galactic Core alignment, as seen from the Earth) the mythic nature of that lineup brought about a direct access into the deepest realms of the Underworld – and therefore made it the most opportune moment for a Soul Retrieval. In the classic assessment of cultures from all about the Earth Souls return from the Summer Triangle of the stars Vega, Deneb and Altair –  where the Summer Solstice point is now to be found – along the Milky Way to the Great Cauldron of the Galactic Core, which is itself now aligned by the Winter Solstice point. It is out of this Great Cauldron from which Souls are reborn into incarnation anew. The newly born Souls traverse the Milky Way, on their way to Sirius, and are incarnated upon the Earth midway upon their journey.

All the significances of alignment of the previous Lunar Eclipse are in play – with, of course, the Moon being between the Earth and the Sun, rather than the Earth being between the Sun and the Moon – in this upcoming Solar Eclipse, with the addition of Sirius in the lineup.

The alignments that are present during the upcoming Solar Eclipse are no less astounding.

  1. Center of our Galaxy
  2. Winter Solstice, the place where our Solar Systems ecliptic crosses the Galactic plane
  3. Sun-Moon-Earth
  4. Summer Solstice, the point of intersection of our Solar System’s ecliptic with the Galactic plane.
  5. Sirius, the brightest star in our night sky.

The significance of this particular, and equally unique, Solar Eclipse is that there is a direct line-of-sight (within a matter of degrees) from the vantage point of the Earth, through the Moon and the Sun, extending out through the Winter Solstice point and into the very heart of our Galaxy, with the bright star Sirius directly ‘overhead’, that is, the other direction from this alignment, from the Earth’s point-of-view. It is the introduction of Sirius that I want to address more fully, below.

Mythically – Myth being the reality of the Soul, just as History is the reality of the mundane – this unique and amazing alignment of these celestial elements brings with it poignant import.

  1. Galactic Center is held to be the place from which new Souls are born into the world. It is also the location of a Black Hole, rimmed with a holographic generator (see Jaguar’s Shadow) that beams the code of creation into our known universe.
  2. Winter Solstice point: the exit portal of Souls from this world. Also, the portal through which the gifts of Spirit are given and made known to us.
  3. Solar Eclipse: The Sun is a lens that receives the incoming code of creation being generated by the Galactic Core, modulating that code by virtue of which Cosmic Age (as prescribed by the Precession of the Equinoxes) the Sun is aligned with, as determined by the starry backdrop behind the Sun. When the Sun is eclipsed it is considered to be in a ‘flat-line’ state, radiating no particular qualities, but being a powerful magnifying lens of whatever is residing in the starry background. In this unique case, it is the Central Sun, the Center of the Galaxy, that lies directly behind the Sun!
  4. Moon: As the Moon is covering the Sun, the Moon is a Super New Moon. All the qualities of a New Moon apply, but to an exponentially magnified degree. new beginnings that arise from, are made possible by, the ‘flat-lining’ of the Moon, that is, there are no obstructions present, no qualities being reflected, as the Moon is dark.
  5. Earth: The receiving vessel. Our experience of creation is receiving, at this momentous time, a new activation.
  6. Summer Solstice point, outward from the Earth/Moon/Sun alignment. The place of origin of the just-past Lunar Eclipse, the subsequent journey of the Moon has been sweeping up the detritus and debris of our ‘karma’, releasing it, at this time, back into the Cauldron (Center of Galaxy) where it is all burned in the Great Central Sun. The catalyst for this immense release is Appreciation, as this is the inherent nature of the Summer Solstice point, as Forgiveness is of the Winter Solstice point (see On Forgiveness).
  7. Sirius: Recognized by many cultures as being an Activator of culture, knowledge and prosperity.

Sirius is the star with perhaps the most mythic accolade throughout the cultures of the earth and the span of time. In ancient Egypt Sirius was known as Sopdet, or Sothis,  Hathor and later as Isis. Known as the Year Star, its heliacal rising on July 4th signaled the beginning of the Egyptian year. We, in today’s world, still acknowledge Sirius as the Year Star, on the same date as did those who worshipped at the Temple of Ceres at Eleusis. That date is right now, on December 31/January 1, when Sirius is directly overhead at midnight. The dropping of the glittering ball at Times Square is in recognition of this celestial moment, and by it we begin our own new year.

The Dogon people, of Mali, West Africa, have carried the knowledge of Sirius – for 5,000 years! – being a triple star: the bright star we see with the unaided eye (Sirius A) and a small but dense and heavy companion star that circles Sirius A every 50 years, a white dwarf, referred to as Sirius B. Sirius B was not even known to exist until viewed through a telescope in 1862. It is only in recent years that astronomers have noted perturbations in the orbits of Sirius A and B that have led them to conclude that their is a third star in the orbital scene, Sirius C. It seems that the Dogon have known of the structural makeup of the Sirius as a trinary star system 5,000 years before it was evidenced by our contemporary scientists!

Many cultures in varied places have referred to Sirius as the Dog Star or the Wolf Star, each with their own reason and story, but few of them the same story. In the Lodge of Purification that is in my caretakership we refer to the White Wolf (Sirius) who is the companion of the Red Wolf (Aldebaran, Antares or Mars – all visibly red – depending on the season).

The one thing that is common to all these mythologies throughout the world is that Sirius, by whatever name, is held to be the Initiator of Culture, the Giver of Knowledge and the Bringer of Civilization.  It’s presence in the mid-heaven (where it sits during the Solar Eclipse of January 4th) was considered a portent of abundance, wealth and good fortune.

The triggering mechanism by which Sirius activates us in this momentous configuration that is occurring is in the ‘music of the spheres’. The two known stars that comprise Sirius, those being Sirius A & B, each have a frequency that they emit. Sirius A resonates at ‘F’. Sirius B resonates at ‘F#’. The whole Sirius group, together, emit the note of ‘G’.

Imagine that we have within us a whole string orchestra. When the frequencies of Sirius are emitted in such a manner that we are in their direct-line, those frequencies set the strings of our orchestra to resonating. Sirius is like a magnificent tuning fork. Our strings are being tuned by the rest of the celestial configuration’s participants.

Each of these characteristics presents an image of something being sparked, initiated, made manifest here in the worldly domain. Sirius is, in this regard, like a cue ball sent speeding along the available path of celestial billiard balls. Those billiards it strikes, Sirius sends into a state of high activity. When we have such a series of celestial bodies and points of reference in alignment, Sirius’ activation of one transmits its spark of lightning (or enlightening!) along the lineup. As the spark of Sirius activates each point along its path, each element is triggered into a state of heightened activation.

All of these elements are, of course, experienced within us. It is not that something is done to us, rather it is an activation of our own archetypal aspects to which we are responding with a commensurate degree of awakening.

The time of this configuration in our skies occurs January 4th, beginning 6:40 GMT, peaking at 8:50 GMT and concluding at 11:00 GMT. Whether you are on the eclipse-visible side of the planet (Europe, North Africa, Western Asia) or on the night-side of the planet, where Sirius will be visible overhead, or even in areas where neither is visible to you, know that the whole planet – and all of humanity – will be immensely activated by this event. Take a bit of time, enter into peace, join in the conscious activation of our planet.

Jade Wah’oo Grigori


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