There is a great shift coming in the near future. We can all feel it. What will happen in 2012? Will there be physical changes? Spiritual awakenings? What do governments know about this, and how are they preparing? How do ancient ruins on Mars provide us with the key to understanding these events? How does the search for the mythical Planet X fit into the equation? And what can each of us do to influence this coming shift in both consciousness–and reality? Researcher Mike Bara will explore and explain the physics, and metaphysics, of 2012 in his upcoming lecture.

Mike Bara is an aerospace engineering consultant with more than 25 years of experience working on projects like the Boeing 757, 767, 787 Dreamliner, the Bombardier Aerospace Global Express and the F-35 jet fighter. Bara is also an author, screenwriter and lecturer. His first book, “Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA”, written with Richard C. Hoagland, was a New York Times bestseller in 2007. Bara began writing after completing his career as a card-carrying member of the military-industrial complex. Mike has made numerous public appearances, lecturing on the subjects of space science, NASA, physics and the link between science and spirit. He has been a featured guest on the “Coast to Coast” radio show with George Noory.

Bara also has a number of other irons in the fire. Mike describes his second book, “The Choice”, as “a unified field theory of physics and metaphysics” that peels back the layers of mystery surrounding 2012 and the Mayan calendar. Asgaard Media is currently making a documentary based on this book. His other book, “Lightbringer”, a novel, is a “Da Vinci Code” style thriller based around murder and intrigue inside NASA.