“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
~ Carl Gustav Jung

I have read/listened to and viewed hundreds of interviews/articles and videos on UFO’s and extraterrestrials/interdimensionals. Not one experience can be independently verified as externally concrete by anyone without an agenda.

One of Jung’s last works was; “FLYING SAUCERS: A Modern Myth of Things Seen In The Sky”. He saw UFO’s as archetypal symbols from the collective unconscious, projected into outer experience as a result of humanity’s desperate search for meaning and wholeness. He states that UFO’s “bring about long-lasting transformations of the human psyche”.

How can we be certain they are not archetypes from our unconscious made visible, the external objectification a metaphor for something numinous and deeply mysterious.

I haven’t found any better insights than he provided. If you are interested in UFO’s I would recommend you get hold of a copy of Jung’s book.

I doubt there will be any concrete revelations anytime soon. Sightings don’t count for much when you understand the power of the mind. Other examples such as Roswell and abductions may be staged government ops.

With that last point in mind, consider that the power of archetypes can be destroyed and their energy made unavailable to our psyche if we concretize them. Any transformative gift they have to offer us at this critical time is destroyed by our grasping need for them to be “real” as our ego would understand reality.

Archetypes are real and their immense power known by anyone who has spent time working with them. But if we destroy the possibility of relating to this phenomenon appropriately, we may well destroy ourselves. The transformative energy they contain that could shift consciousness is lost. Government mind control technicians know this and what better way to dupe humanity and keep us from genuine revelation than manufacture lies and plant false intelligence?

Take Reptilians. They are trashing the planet according to the prevailing myth. They exist on a subtle level where they possess and infleuence humans. They are particularly drawn to people in power, preferably those with royal bloodlines. They have created a race of drones, the Greys, among other beings. They have tremendous knowledge and technical skills but lack emotion. They created us, ergo we have a reptilian brain and other remnants of them in our DNA.

After thousands of years of living in a soul-murdering culture where power over and conquest has been the guiding ethos, isn’t it possible that the reptilians are also our disowned shadow? Their affinity with control, enslavment, addictions, class and hierarchy is exactly like most Earth cultures. Their obsession with power reflects our own fear based need to control reality, others, the planet and subjugate everything to our will. Our world leaders take these qualities and amplify them beyond what the average man and woman can.

Until we recognize this proclivity within our nature and engage in transforming it, it will always be with us, whether we meet visitors from another world or not. If we cannot transmute and transform this energy we will destroy the planet and ourselves.

As with all battles psyche is fair and has provided us with a host of other archetypes we can call upon to assist our transformative and integrative work.

Imagine what would transpire if all of humanity could begin to withdraw projections and gradually embark on the journey to full conscious awakening.

The aliens and interdimensionals are speaking to us but as with dream symbol interpretation we have misunderstood the message. We don’t have to have all the answers but have we even begun to ask the right questions?

It is worthwhile to take time to work with these transformative metaphors on the archetypal level and observe what transpires? Rather than revelations about life on other planets, beings from other dimensions, they will illumine hidden truth about ourselves. Their evil is our own. We have to transmute it and not externalize it through projection. What is benevolent, brilliant and wise is our own. We need to embody that.

~Star Nations