Documentary from Channel 4 shown in 1994 about the infamous ‘UFO Crash’ at Roswell in 1947

The Roswell Incident
Forty-seven years ago, an incident occurred in the southwestern desert of the United States that could have significant implications for all mankind. The incident was announced by the U.S. military, subsequently denied by the U.S. military, and has remained veiled in government secrecy ever since. Although it is in a category fraught with false claims and hoaxes, it is not a hoax or false claim, but rather a known event that is thoroughly documented.
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The Roswell Incident Then and Now
Dennis Balthaser
Dennis Balthaser’s in-depth Roswell Incident report includes current and historic photos, aerial maps, histories on witnesses and uncommonly known facts.
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1947 Roswell UFO Incident
Roswell Online
Brief overview article on the Roswell incident, from Roswell Online RAn Engineer Looks at the Project Mogul Hypothesis
Robert A. Galganski
More than three years have passed since I first examined the debris-field issue quantitatively in “The Roswell Debris: A Quantitative Evaluation of the Project Mogul Hypothesis,” IUR, March/April 1995. This article updates my initial research.

Colonel Philip Corso’s Book Confirms Roswell
Michael Lindemann
The long-awaited book by Colonel Philip Corso, titled “The Day After Roswell,” will soon be in bookstores nationwide. CNI News has gotten an advance look at parts of the text, and if Corso can be believed, his story blows the lid on Roswell, government UFO secrecy, and the ongoing reality of extraterrestrial visitors. R

Dennis Balthaser
During the summer of 1997, the International UFO Museum was contacted concerning a transfer of metal allegedly obtained from the Roswell UFO crash. Dennis Balthaser, then representing the UFO Museum, attempted to make that transfer. Interception is the first-hand account of the government intervention in preventing the transfer of that material to the International UFO Museum.

Kent Jeffrey and Roswell
Stanton T. Friedman
Kent Jeffrey’s anti-Roswell conclusions (MUFON Journal, June, 1997) are based on the same kind of false reasoning that led to his pro-Roswell views: Don’t bother me with the facts, my mind’s made up; be enthusiastic and ready to put ones money where ones mouth is, but don’t have the facts in hand first; don’t bother finding out how security works; believe what one wants to believe. R

Marcel’s Last Words on Roswell Crash
Robert Scott Martin,
According to a previously unknown 1981 interview, Jesse Marcel, the Roswell Air Force Base intelligence officer who transformed UFO history when he recovered pieces of an unidentified object in the desert, maintained to the end of his life that the object was no weather balloon. R

Official Roswell Incident Report
United States Air Force
The 1994 official (skeptical) report of Air Force research regarding the Roswell Incident.R

Original July 8, 1947 “Army Has Flying Disc” Story (Roswell, NM)
Sacramento Bee, July 8, 1947
This is the original story published on July 8, 1947 in which the U.S. Army announced it had recovered a crashed flying disc near Roswell, NM. Quickly thereafter, the official Army story was changed to the “weather balloon” position. R

Report of U.S. Air Force Regarding the Roswell Incident
U.S. Air ForceR

Roswell – The Facts, Truths and Eyewitness Accounts
Richard DeanR

Roswell 1999: What Now
Thomas J. Carey & Donald R. Schmitt
As the millennium draws inexorably closer, we can look back and see that the 50th Anniversary Year of 1997 witnessed unprecedented national if not world-wide interest in the most famous and most thoroughly investigated UFO case of all time: the alleged 1947 crash of a flying saucer near the town of Roswell, NM. R

Roswell Case Summary
Brief overview and summary of the Roswell incident, from CUFOS.

Roswell Daily Record for July 9, 1947
Revised story of of the Roswell incident, from the local Roswell newspaper, 2 days after the first story appeared, reporting that a crashed flying saucer had been found and retrieved by the military. R

Roswell Declassified (Popular Mechanics article)
Jim Wilson, Popular Mechanics magazine
Formerly secret files finally reveal the truth about the world’s most famous UFO incident. R

Roswell Witness Testimonies
Christopher Schmidt
A flying saucer crashed near Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947. This document contains testimony from people who were closely associated with this incident. Most of the testimony in this document is from the 1992 book “Crash at Corona” by Stanton Friedman and Don Berliner, published in the United States by Paragon House. R

Roswell Witnesses Interviewed
Stephen Johnson, Houston Chronicle
Interviews with Roswell Incident witnesses: Robert Shirkey, Walter Haut, COL. William “Butch” Blanchard, B-29 Flight Engineer Robert Porter – from the Houston Chronicle R

Roswell: 52 Years of Unanaswered Questions
Donald R. Schmitt & Thomas J. Carey
How could such a monumental event as a UFO crash in 1947 be kept a secret so long? Surely the real story would have leaked before now, as has seemingly happened to every government secret in the past 25 years. R

Roswell: Clashing Visions of the Possible
Michael Swords, International UFO Reporter, Fall 1997, Volume 22, Number 3
Roswell is obviously a highly divisive topic in ufology. People accept or reject it, often emotionally, for reasons which seem to the listener unclear, even after patient attention. The possibility of a crashed disk, and the necessary astoundingly successful security required, alternatively violates or coheres with visions of reality held dear by the loudest, and occasionally less civil, discussants.

Roswell: The whole story – Time for the truth about Roswell
Kent Jeffrey
It is the objective here to summarize the details of that event, affirm the right of all people throughout the world to know the truth about what occurred, and propose a course of action that will allow that truth to emerge. R

Skeptical: The Roswell Incident and Project Mogul
Dave Thomas, Skeptical Inquirer Magazine
As reported in the January-February 1995 Skeptical Inquirer, a September 1994 Air Force report strongly supported the theory that the “UFO” debris found by rancher Mac Brazel in 1947 northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, was in fact a remnant of a balloon flight launched as part of a top-secret program called Project Mogul. R

Stanton Friedman on Roswell: Secrets Revealed
Stanton Friedman
Open Letter to the History Channel. I must congratulate you on providing a Masterpiece of Misrepresentation. A splendid example of propaganda, excellent for teaching purposes . You demonstrated the primary rules such as selective choice of data, false reasoning, positive and negative name calling. R

The Air Force Report on Roswell: An Absence of Evidence
Mark Rodeghier & Mark Chesney, International UFO Reporter, 1994
In this article, we will explain the Air Force conclusion and the reasons they provide to support their theory about Roswell. We will also explain why the Roswell research community finds the Air Force hypothesis so weak and internally inconsistent by focusing on the testimony Air Force investigators gathered from a few carefully-chosen witnesses.

The Day Before Roswell
James Easton
Increasingly over recent years, the foundation of the Roswell story has perhaps been buried beneath the various purported truths which have been attached to it. Is there in fact significant evidence that an alien craft crashed in the New Mexico desert, or, is the explanation a Project Mogul balloon train, as evidenced in the US Air Force’s July 1994 report, which affirmed the original findings of researcher Robert Todd. The answer might still be found if we strip away the myths and the deceit, for the story which gave birth to an epic tale, is a simple one. R

The Roswell Incident
International UFO Museum and Research Center
Overview of the Roswell Incident, from the International UFO Museum and Research Center, based in Roswell, New Mexico. R

The Roswell Incident
Cosmic Conspiracies
Roswell is the most well known UFO crash in History. Here is the full story of the events that happened at Roswell, New Mexico in early July, 1947 R

The Roswell Incident – A Summary Through the 1997 50th Anniversary
Leon Jaroff
The following is a good overview, and explains who most of the key players are. This includes eye witnesses, authors, and debunkers, who you will see mentioned in many of the articles on Roswell. R

United States Airforce: The Roswell Report
Wright Air Development Center (U.S. Air Force)
In the mid to late 1990’s, the United States Air Force responded to a General Accounting Office inquiry regarding what has become known as the “Roswell Incident” with two reports explaining the Air Force’s version of the events.

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A Conversation with Jesse Marcel Jr. (PDF format)
In-depth discussion of the Roswell incident, from CUFOS, the Center for UFO Studies. Contains a selection of articles on the Roswell Inciddent.

Roswell Daily Record for July 8, 1947 – Text
Text of original news story reporting on the recovery of a crashed flying saucer, in the local Roswell newspaper.

WADC/WADD History – Roswell
US Air Force (Wright Air Development Center)
Some of the evidence presented by the U.S. Air Force in defense of the theory that the aliens were actually anthropomorphic dummies, which came from WADC projects.